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Evening menu - Fridays and Saturdays

We have open every Friday and Saturday evenings. This menu is tailored for a more simple meal by the bar or on the terrace. 



Bruksburger (meat from Stora Ekeby)
with picklad onion, cheddar & chilli cheese, bacon, salad, tomato, coleslaw, truffel mayo served with french fries  
Kr 159:

Fish & Chips
served with remoulade sauce
Kr 149:-

Mushroom Soup
served with toasted bread
Kr 99:-

French Stew
with bread & dijon mustard served with sweet potatoes
Kr 179:-

with pickled onion, homemade guacamole, salad, tomato, coleslaw, fried onionrings, truffel mayo served with french fries
Kr 179:-

Crazy Dog (sausage from Stora Ekeby)
with pickled & rosted onion, homemade mustard, remoulade, homemade sausage bread served with french fries
Kr 129:-

We reserve the right to make changes to our menu. 


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