Konferens Verkstaden


Welcome to our conference facility in the old Brännhyttan!


Scenic scenery at Svartån lies the enchanting Skultuna Brass Mill. Part of the old workshop and industrial premises that belonged to the mill have now been beautifully renovated into a rustic conference facility.

                - A truly unique meeting place, where creativity and design are rooted in the walls with 400 years of brass production. 

Today's modern Conference facility has taken advantage of the creative environment which consists of both smaller meeting rooms, boardrooms, larger conference rooms and also larger banquet hall for conferences, gatherings and parties. In addition there is a fantastic log cabin built in 1610 which is used as an activity center. 

Skultuna has not only modern premises to offer but also Nature, Culture and History. 

The hotel with its unique conference facility is centrally located in Mälardalen - easily accessible only 10-15 minutes north of Västerås.  


conference layout

1. PARTY & BANQUET HALL: Julia Nybergs banquet hall

  • Theatre seating: 350 pers.
  • Banquet seating: 200 pers.

Add ons:  sound, light & picture 

2. CONFERENCE HALL: Adlerwaldska hall

  • Board meeting: 22 pers.

Includedsound & light | projector/TV | WiFi | flipchart| notebook| pens| whiteboard | microphone

3. GROUP ROOM: Mässingkammaren 

  • Board meeting: 8 pers.

Included:  WiFi | flipchart | notebook | pens | whiteboard | TV

4. GROUP ROOM: Kopparboden

  • Board meeting: 8 pers.

Included:  WiFi | flipchart | notebook | pens | whiteboard | TV


  • Theatre seating 150 pers.
  • School seating: 75 pers.
  • Board meeting: 40 pers.
  • Island: 50 pers.
  • U-seating: 40 pers.

Included:  sound & light | projector/TV | WiFi | flipchart| notebook| pens| whiteboard | microphone | stage

6. BOARDROOM: Mäster Jacob

  • Board meeting: 8 pers.
  • The cozy room with 4 leather chairs are also included

Included:  WiFi | flipchart | notebook | pens | whiteboard | TV

7. GROUP ROOM: Museum

  • Board meeting:10 pers.

Included:  WiFi | flipchart | notebook | pens | whiteboard | TV



  • Arrange a different and creative meeting with painting course in the hotel's own studio
  • Indoor painting course max: 6 attendees / outdoor painting course max: 10 people

Included:  notebook | pens | paint | brushes | canvas | art class


 We offer both day conference and full board. 



The food is half the experience! Sure, the most important is to meet and get peace and quite to focus on just the ´meeting´and the interaction with others. This is best done when you together can also enjoy a good lunch, dinner or snack break. We bring homemade food from the ground up to both every day and party!



With us there is homely atmosphere. Stay overnight at the newly renovated hotel with its own spa and rich bar that holds over 200 varieties of Single Malt Whiskey. We offer free WiFi, free parking outside the hotel, and brightly decorated rooms with large flat-screen TVs. Desks and a private bathroom with shower are standard in all rooms, which are personally decorated with artwork on the walls. Most rooms overlook one of the parks or the old mill where brass has been manufactured for almost 400 years. 



We offer the following activities, but of course nothing is impossible. 

  • five-fight
  • archery
  • work games
  • team building
  • painting course in the hotel studio
  • cultural walk in Skultuna with a visit to the Hembygdsföreningen Museum
  • whiskey tasting
  • murder mystery
  • Skultuna Factory Stores is only 2 min walk from the hotel


If you have any queries about our conference facility or to book, please contact: 

Helene Davidsson
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +46 (02)1 48 01 152


We hope that you will travel home from the meeting with unforgettable memories of the beautiful Mälardalen valley when it is at its best!



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