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Business lunch


Business lunch in a soothing and rustic environment

Do you need a place where you can host your next business lunch? Then we got the perfect solution for you. Vi have created a relaxing place where there is room to impress your customer and offer delicious good food.  You choose a theme for the lunch: Forest & Land or Lake & Sea. Then our French masterchef creates a two-course lunch of season´s best ingrediens on a fantastic set table.Two-course lunch includes a main course and a dessert: 245: - per person (prebooking only - at least a day ahead and a minimum spend of 1,950 SEK)  If you have time to spear, why don´t you combine the lunch with a culture walk around the village to find out how Skultuna got so important for the Swedish economy.FOR MORE INFORMATION or BOOKINGS, PLEASE CONTACT US: Email: [email protected] eller phone: 0046 (0)2170160

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Culture walk


Culture walk with lunch

Lunch, Cultural walk and "A taste of Skultuna" with taste of food from the mill's centuries. Saturdays (prebookings only) are NATURE - CULTURE - and HISTORY more on the agenda than usual with us. What do you really know about Skultuna History? Are you curious to hear a little more and to look at our amazing heritage with "new" eyes? Discover how the brass placed Skultuna on the map in the early 17th century. Skultuna Brass Mill is one of the world's oldest brass mills with a 400-year history of culture. Let's tell you more about what happened. A full stomach is a happy stomach. Start your day with a delicious lunch and a tasty cup of coffee at Skultuna Brukshotell which is then followed by a tour of some of Skultuna's cultural-historical buildings. We also show a short film about Skultuna Messingsbruk. At "bad weather" we will be sitting at Brännhyttan's conference hall with a slide show with a lecture on Skultuna's history and then ending the day with small tastings of how food could taste in 1607 at the Brass mill. Program: 13:30 - Tasty Lunch 15:00 - Guided tour / cultural walk             "A taste of Skultuna" You get a map of Bruket which you can walk on your own in this unique and fantastic nature as well as a shopping voucher that gives a 15% discount on the factory stores at the old Brass mill. Simply, a whole day in the brass world! 395: - / person

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Evening menu - Fridays and Saturdays

We have open every Friday and Saturday evenings. This menu is tailored for a more simple meal by the bar or on the terrace.  Welcome! WARM DISHES Bruksburger (meat from Stora Ekeby) with picklad onion, cheddar & chilli cheese, bacon, salad, tomato, coleslaw, truffel mayo served with french fries  Kr 159: Fish & Chips served with remoulade sauceKr 149:- Mushroom Soup served with toasted breadKr 99:- French Stew with bread & dijon mustard served with sweet potatoesKr 179:- Halloumiburger with pickled onion, homemade guacamole, salad, tomato, coleslaw, fried onionrings, truffel mayo served with french friesKr 179:- Crazy Dog (sausage from Stora Ekeby) with pickled & rosted onion, homemade mustard, remoulade, homemade sausage bread served with french friesKr 129:- We reserve the right to make changes to our menu. 

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