A dinner party: "The set table"

The Brukshotellet´s concept with a fantastic ready set table gives the guests that extra welcome and atmosphere for both everyday and party. The season´s colors mark the table setting with accompanying flowers and inviting porcelain.  

As a guest you choose a theme for the dinner:

Forest and Land

Lake and Sea

It then gives the masterchef free hands to create a dinner party of the season´s best ingredients.

Appetizer, Main course and Dessert
595: - per person

Dinner with drink package included
995: - per person

Welcome "home to us" for a fine-dinning experience!


We always serve a lot of vegetables and root vegetables as accessories for today´s meat or bird dishes. The forests around Skultuna are filled to the brim every Autumn by both mushrooms and berries. 

Nature gives back and the crops can be large. Thus, wildlife is also great. Wild  boar, deer, elk, and even bear and lynx walk in the forests (as well as the wolf!).

A little stone throw from the hotel you can see both beavers and birds of all kinds. An early morning walk in the Summer or a late Autumn evening along the Svartån river when the beaver is the most active usually offer extra excitement.

At the Brukshotellet it feels "right" to eat what the forest has to offer.   


Under the theme "Lake and Sea" it is aquatic animal that is the main ingredient of dinner. Mälargösen is popular in Västmanland and with all the lakes in the dense forests and with the proximity to the sea, there are also many other delicacies to choose from. 

Fish, seafood and other aquatic life inspire the kitchen to prepare delicious seafood dinners.

Only 20 meters from the hotel, Svartån with both pike and other fish roars for anyone who wants to try the fishing luck. You are guaranteed not to be alone in fishing at the mill regardless of the weather and season.  

Also Skultuna´s poet Julia Nyberg was inspired by Svartån´s wild drive through the mill during Spring when the snow was melting. Her song "Spring winds healthy" is traditionally sung throughout the country by the maize fire. Don´t miss her portrait at the hotel´s entrance.


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