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Privacy policy and processing of personal data

Skultuna Brukshotell AB ( 556677-8295)  deals with Personal Data for users, customers using our services (referred as ´the Services´). Your integrity is extremly important to us and we comply with applicable laws, which aims to protect you as a private individual.

With "Personal Data" means all information which can be linked direct or indirect to a living person today.  

Skultuna Brukshotell uses Personal Data primarily to administer, provide, develop and maintain the Services, process your bookings, optimise your experiences of the Services and to make communication with you more personal. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully so you understand how and for what purposes we treat your personal information. By submitting your Personal Information to us and accepting the applicable terms, you agree that your Personal Data will be processed in accordance with what is stated in this Privacy Policy. If the law requires a more specific consent from you, we will naturally ask for one. 

This Privacy Policy together with Skultuna Brukshotell´s Booking Terms and any other terms and conditions governing Skultuna Brukshotell´s processing of Personal Data indicate the basis for how we treat Personal Information that you provide to us when you use our services or that we collect about you. 

Changes to these terms and conditions are announced by the new terms being published on Skultuna Brukshotell´s website and we therefore recommend that you regularly take part of these. If you add Personal Information about other persons, you are responsible for ensuring that Skultuna Brukshotell may also treat the Personal Data in accordance with applicable terms and conditions. 


Skultuna Brukshotell collects and processes your Personal Information only if it is permitted by law. Collection and processing can be done when you use the Services, e.g. Make a reservation of during and after your stay. We use different methods to collect Personal Data such as cookies, tags, customer survey and membership service. At various times, Skultuna Brukshotell coordinates or imports Personal Data from databases within and outside Skultuna Brukshotell (eg from Facebook or Google). 

It is important for Skultuna Brukshotell to always keep your Personal Information updated and accurate, which is why we may import Personal Data from you from external sources such as public records. 

When it is required by law to obtain consent for the treatment of certain types of personal data or for certain forms of treatment, then consent will be obtained from you before treatment takes place. 


We only collect Personal Information that is relevant for the purpose described in the specific terms of each Service and this Privacy Policy. The information that may be collected is e.g. details of name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, information to facilite the use of the Services default language, user  history, details of booking preferences, payments, employment, contacts in emergency situations, requirements for special diet, requirements for disability adjustment and other information you provide when using the Services. 


Skultuna Brukshotell collects Personal Data for various purposes. Which Personal Information is collected and how it is collected depends on which Services you use. 

Skultuna Brukshotell uses Personal Information to:

  • administer, provide, develop and maintain the Services
  • process your bookings and orders of the Services, 
  • contact you via e.g. SMS, other mobile applications or email or to notify your booking status or information that connects to your booking before during and after your stay, 
  • diagnose errors, optimise the technology and be able to contact you in case of problems with a booking or execution of the Services, 
  • personalise the communication with you regarding our Services e.g. by creating a profile for you and sending an offer that fits your profile as a user of our Services, 
  • analyse statistics and user behaviour regarding our Services, 
  • increase your benefit and experience of our Services in other ways we think you would appreciate, or
  • promote services and products, directly , or not, including behavioral marketing.

You are entitled at any time and without charge to request that Skultuna Brukshotell not process your Personal Data for marketing purposes or withdraw your consent to this. You can use this by contacting us at [email protected] - write "Personal Information" in the subject line. 


When you make a reservation with us, we use your Personal Information to send booking confirmation, important information about the upcoming stay and offers related to the stay. Such mailings are made to the email address you provided when booking.

After the stay, a questionniare will be sent out asking you to answer questions about your stay to help us improve our services. We can also send emails where we thank you for the visit. 

Before and during the stay we can, via email / SMS, send out information to the email address and / or mobile number that as been entered in connection with booking. It can be information on available times for Relax or Jacuzzi, important information of the stay or reminder of booked time at restaurant. 


Skultuna Brukshotell stores Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable legislation. Personal data may be transferred between companies within Skultuna Brukshotell in order to be processed for the purposes stated in the Privacy terms. Skultuna Brukshotell uses subcontractors and computer operations and Personal Data may therefore be transferred to these subcontractors. Our subcontractors treat your Personal Data only on behalf of Skultuna Brukshotell, in accordance with our instructions and only after, according to law, a personal data support agreement has been established between us and the subcoractors, so that we can ensure a high level of protection for your Personal Data. 

Skultuna Brukshotell may disclose Personal Information to third parties, such as police or other authority, whether it concerns investigation of crimes or whether Skultuna Brukshotell is otherwise obliged to disclose such information in support of law or authority decisions.

Skultuna Brukshotell generally does not transfer Personal Data to countries outside the EU / EEA, but if we for example have a subcontractor in a country outside the EU / EEA or if it is necessary for us to be able to carry out our contractual obligations towards you, the transfer of Personal Data outside the EU / EEA can be done even if that country, according to the EU Commision, does not have adequate protection for personal information. To ensure a high level of protection for your Personal Data in such situations and compliance with EU / EEA rules, Skultuna Brukshotell includes personal data assistance agreement regulate the subcontractors´processing of the Personal Data and, when applicable, the transfer of Personal Data in accordance with applicable  EU / EEA rules on protection of Personal Data. The agreement contains conditions that the EU Commission requires and which meets the requriements of the applicable law to protect the transferred Personal Data. 


Skultuna Brukhotell is taking ongoing measures to comply with the principles of "built-in data protection and data protection as standard." Skultuna Brukshotell continuously evaluates the risks associated with the personal processing that takes place and takes the necessary security measures to reduce the risks. 

We continuously train our staff on data protection issues. Do you have direct questions about how we work with the data protection regulation (GDPR) - contact us at [email protected] - write "Personal Data" in the subject line. 

You can read more about the data protection regulations here:


There may be links to other applications and / or web pages that are not controlled by Skultuna Brukshotell. This Privacy Policy applies only to your use of the Services. Skultuna Brukshotell is not responsible for the content of linked applications / web pages and the processing of Personal Information that may be made by owners or operations of linked websites. 


If your Personal Information is changed, please inform Skultuna Brukshotell about this by sending an email to [email protected] - write "Personal Information" in the subject line. Skultuna Brukshotell is not responsible for any problems that arise as a result of Personal Data being old or incorrect if you failed to inform us of the change. 

Skultuna Brukshotell will, at your request or when Skultuna discovers it, correct or delete incorrect or incomplete information. You also have the right to receive, without charge, an excerpt showing which Personal Information about you is being processed. Requests for excerpts must be made in writing to Skultuna Brushotell AB to the address stated at the end of the document and must be signed by you and must include your name, postal address, telephone number, email address (which was used in communication with Skultuna Brukshotell). The extract will be sent to your address book within one month from the time the application is received by Skultuna Brukshotell. How often you have the right to get an excerpt may vary depending on where you live. 

You can withdraw your content to further processing (not retroactively) of your Personal Information at any time by contacting Skultuna Brukshotell at [email protected] and Skultuna Brukshotell will prevent such information from continuing to be processed. However, you are advised that the revocation of consent does not affect the processing that may be done without consent (e.g. the provision of the Services you have ordered) but may result in the Services not functioning as intended or the Skultuna Brukshotell may no longer provide Services. 

Regarding marketing via email you can deregister at any time. By clicking on the deregistration link that is in the footer of all market mailings, you make sure to prevent future mailings to the email address that is the recipient. 


Skultuna Brukshotell uses cookies for the Services. Cookies are text files that are stored on the website visitor´s computer via a web browser. 

By using cookies, Skultuna Brukshotell can offer the users of the website more user-friendly services that would not be possible without the cookie setting.

With the help of a cookie, information and offers on our web pages can be optimised with the user in mind. Cookies allow us, as previously mentioned, to recognise our site users. The purpose of this is to make it easier to use our website. For example, the site user who allows cookies does not need to enter access data each time the site is visited, as the information about the site is retrieved from the cookie stored on the user´s computer. 

The registrar can at any time prevent cookies from our web pages from being saved by setting in their own browser and can thus permanently deny cookies. Furthermore, already specified cookies can be deleted at any time via the settings in the browser or other programs. If the registrered person disables cookies in the browser, not all functions on our websites may work optimally. 


If we sell, reorganise or otherwise transfer all or part of our business, your Personal Information may be transferred at the same time. 


If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding Skultuna Brukshotell´s processing of Personal Data and compliance with the Terms of Privacy or applicable law regarding protection of Personal Data, you can contact us at [email protected] - write "Personal Information" in the subject line. 

Requests for extracts of Personal Data are made in writing by letter to: 

Skultuna Brukshotell AB
Bruksgatan 6
SE-72631 Skultuna


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